SUFFERvision is a tool for dynamically displaying synchronized power, GPS, and other telemetry atop cycling videos or maps for a single rider, group, or peloton.

SUFFERvision works with web-based video from YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, or with local video files on your machine.

SUFFERvision loads ride data from Strava, RideWithGps, TrainingPeaks, or Garmin Connect. Cyclo-Sphere.

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Sit tight. There's help in the app, but more coming soon.

Sit tight. Coming Soon.

SUFFERvision began in 2009 as a desktop app for producing video race reports with synchronized telemetry with the goal of helping me understand my performance in the context of the race. To this end, there's an emphasis on displaying not just instantaneous stats, but also the trailing power time series and a dynamic critical power curve. This desktop app is still available here, but is not being maintained.

In May 2012 SUFFERvision was rewritten as a web app which loads data from Strava, RideWithGps, TrainingPeaks, or GarminConnect and dynamically overlays the data over YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion videos. This enabled a bunch of new features including interactive data and mapping, the ability to display data for multiple riders in the same race, and, notably, the ability to use any public data or video found on any of the sources just mentioned. This has made possible lots of fun pro race videos whenever pro rides or power files are shared (although in the case of Strava the user sharing data must also connect with SUFFERvision here: to enable.

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